About the Foundation

The Foundation is 51 years old.

MCHF entranceThe Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation was established in 1972 to preserve the unique character of the Hospital and to support worthy projects which are beyond the basic patient-care services provided by the Quebec Department of Health and Social Services.

The Foundation has the mandate to receive, invest and distribute endowment and privately collected funds for the benefit of the Montreal Chinese Hospital. These funds and resulting income are disbursed in areas which benefit directly the Hospital and its patients. The Foundation is administered by a Board of thirteen directors.

To meet its objectives the Foundation must continually seek new sources of revenue. One important source is the support of the Community, its assistance may take several forms, the most common being an annual personal or corporate donation or pledge.

Financial support that is greatly appreciated by the Foundation comes from donors who participate in various fund raising activities organized annually by the Foundation, such as an Annual Ball, a Golf Tournament and others.