Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of veterans and new generations.

Alice Xie

Alice XieAlice Xie is a Chinese Canadian who settled in Montreal in 2013 as a newcomer.

Born and raised in China, Alice has a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Wuhan University of technology and a master’s degree in Musical industry communication from the Conservatory of Wuhan. She lived in France for 6 years where she furthered her studies in musicology, management of musical projects and marketing communications before immigrating to Canada.

Alice started playing the piano at a very young age, and she started to play the Guqin (an instrument of sage which has more than 3000 years’ history) while studying at the Wuhan Conservatory. While in France, Alice had the chance to play the Guqin during the “China Night” cocktail at the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes. She also had the opportunity to play during the opening ceremony of the “Chinese Empire at Louvre” exhibition at the Louvre Museum. Alice’s love of the Chinese culture was evident not only in her musical endeavors but also as a volunteer at the Paris Chinese film Festival over multiple years. Alice’s passion for creativity is also evident in her works of bricolage, jewelry making and creations with leather.

Alice joined RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) in 2013 and began her career as a Client Advisor. Alice was promoted rapidly as a Banking Advisor and subsequently a mortgage specialist. In the last three years, Alice has successfully championed and led as RBC’s Business Development Manager for the Asian Market. Most recently, Alice was promoted to Director of the first RBC Newcomer Center in Quebec, where she will lead a team whose primary objective will be working with multiple organizations and partners in order to support new immigrants with their banking and settlement objectives and goals while they integrate in Canadian Society.

Since 2019, Alice has and continues to be a member of the organizing committee of the annual Ball presented by the Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation.