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Rika Sak The Restaurant
Kokoro Sushi is focused on fast service and takeout orders offering a higher quality of sushi in a friendly atmosphere. At Kokoro Sushi, we strive to offer you an impeccable quality of product, originality in the creation of new weekly recipes and a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Story of the Owner: Rika Sak
Everything begins with a dream. For me, this dream has always been to combine entrepreneurship with my maternal instincts. From a Cambodian ethnic background and from a family of 7 siblings, I was born in Montreal and family proximity has always be a factor that I hold dear in my heart. Despite being the family’s youngest, I have never let that be a barrier to achieving my dreams.

Passionate in nature, I have always had an entrepreneurial side to me since I was very young and when I started with the family restaurant business about two decades ago. It is in fact what has inspired and pushed me to start my own business in 2004 as a special events planner, which I still successfully run today.

In parallel, I had started working for the Mikasa restaurant in 2007 given that my start-up was more seasonal in nature. As I gained experience through my work at Mikasa restaurant, I took over greater responsibilities and gained the trust of Mr. Long Quan, then owner of the Mikasa restaurant and whom I have learned greatly from over the years.

Today, I am a happily married mother of 2 healthy children, and I am passionate about dedicated my time to charities during my free time. In that sense, I can say that I have fulfilled my dreams to bring joy to people around me be it through the quality of the food served at Kokoro, through the smiles of newly weds or by donating my time to causes I hold dear, I truly live life to the fullest.


Dinner for 1
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Dinner for 1 ($150) *
  • Volcano Salade
  • Salmon Tataki (5 pieces)
  • 15 pieces of assorted specialty sushi
  • Banana Fritter (dessert)


Dinner for 2
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Dinner for 2 ($250) *
  • 2x Volcano Salade
  • Salmon Tataki (10 pieces)
  • 29 pieces of assorted specialty sushi
  • Banana Fritter (dessert)

If you have any allergies, we ask that you contact us before ordering your food.

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Kokoro Sushi
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